The Pistachio Par 3s - Dudley Divots
The Pistachio Par 3s - Dudley Divots
The Pistachio Par 3 Golf Shorts
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The Pistachio Par 3 Golf Shorts

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The Pistachio Par 3 Golf Shorts are perfectly designed for any golfer wanting and searching for a looser more comfortable fit. All of our golf shorts are designed with no heavy materials including buttons and zippers. The elastic waistband and 4-way stretch material really helps golfers to feel free and be able to stretch and turn through their swing. Our golf shorts are perfect for anyone looking to add more mobility in their swing and truly have a lightweight feel. If you're looking for a pair of shorts that sparks compliments and conversation, look no further!


  • 4-Way Stretch Material
    • Moves effectively with the motion of your body throughout your swing
  • Antisweat Fiber Technology
    • Say goodbye to sweat stains and that sticky feeling
  • UV Protection
    • Keeping your legs safe from powerful rays all day long
  • Athletic Feel and Fit
    • Lightweight and low friction to help enhance your experience of the sport

See and feel the difference next time you step onto the green, with Dudley Divots.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews

      Shorts are great and comfortable.

      John Anderson
      Pistacio Golf Shorts

      Very comfortable - LUV the colors and feel of the fabric!!

      Janis Castaldi

      Love these shorts. Very comfortable and eye catching. Buying more

      Walter in Mississippi
      Well made shorts

      The material is much heavier than I expected and has a super soft feel. All the seams are well stitched. I especially like the belt loops as I always wear a belt when I play. The super humidity around here will soak your cloths thoroughly and shorts with no belt have a tendency to want to fall off when they get heavy with sweat. These are good to go. Who doesn't like ice cream cones?

      Kevin Manly
      My Fun Shorts

      I love these shorts! They are perfect for the round of golf that you know you are going out with the guys to have a great time and fool around. I get asked and compliments all the time wearing them. Not to mention the comfort is unreal! Great job guys!


      Have questions? We got answers!

      No heavyweight material, no zipper/button, and no boring designs. We want to look fresh and play well while still conforming with golf's current dress code. 

      All models are designed to be athletic fitting, stylish, and to meet dress code requirements. We prefer to untuck, but if you must all shorts have belt loops so you may tuck in and play your best.

      We recommend choosing the size that is closest to your waist size. Our shorts are made to be comfortable and true to size.

      We want to be known for our unique golf shorts, but yes, we do plan to eventually design new products in the near future.