About Us



You're probably wondering what exactly does Dudley mean?

To keep a long story short, it was the name given to a group of best friends that loved to just have fun and nothing but good times. That's what Dudley Divots is all about!

If you play golf regularly you know how stuffy and serious the game can be sometimes. Today's golf apparel is very dressy and professional, almost too serious.

That's what we want to change. We focus on the good times golf offers us and all the fun that comes along with it. We believe golf needs more of this and that is why we designed golf shorts that lighten up the games apparel while maintaining true comfort, and a very unique fit.

Our goal with all of our apparel is to remind those wearing it to stay positive and have a great time. What makes our shorts different from traditional golf shorts is that they have no button and zipper. Yes you read that right. No button, no zipper. Our shorts all have elastic waistbands, belt loops, and front & back pockets. 

Why? Simply because it's more comfortable. Think about it, you don't wear a pair of dress shorts to go play a game of pickup basketball.

Well you might, but you better have the game to back it up!

P.S. If you're ever in South Florida lets get a round in! Hit us up on our socials and lets make a tee time!


Have questions? We got answers!

No heavyweight material, no zipper/button, and no boring designs. We want to look fresh and play well while still conforming with golf's current dress code. 

All models are designed to be athletic fitting, stylish, and to meet dress code requirements. We prefer to untuck, but if you must all shorts have belt loops so you may tuck in and play your best.

We recommend choosing the size that is closest to your waist size. Our shorts are made to be comfortable and true to size.

We want to be known for our unique golf shorts, but yes, we do plan to eventually design new products in the near future.